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Welcome to grünr living!

by sahodd85

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This is the first ever post of grünr living. Thanks for checking us out!

grünr living is the product of conversations about our changing planet. And a desire to live in a healthier, greener way that’s in balance with the environment.

The more we learn about global issues like air pollution, droughts and environmental toxins, the more we’ve turned the magnifying glass on our own lives. We make lots of choices every day from how we commute and travel to the pots and pans we use to make a meal. Each choice can have an impact on our health and well-being, and the health of the planet.

Change is needed

While that might be old news, what’s not getting old is the constant feeling that we’re not doing enough. At times, our eco guilt can be overwhelming and immobilizing, and making greener choices feels complex and difficult.

It’s not always possible to radically shift your lifestyle all at once and that’s okay. Your neighbour may be able to fit into a 120 sq. ft (11m²) tiny home, and you may not. It’s not humanly possible to be everything to everyone at all times. So why do we expect perfection from day one when we’re trying to live a greener lifestyle?

We want to explore how our small daily choices can help to create a healthier, greener world.

Start where you are and do what you can

You can’t do it all, and perfection isn’t possible. But, you can start where you are and do what you can. We think that by living greener, we can make a more sustainable long-term future for us and the planet. And that means making intentional choices and small changes one day at a time.

We transform our research into easily digestible posts and simple strategies that fit into your life.

There’s a lot of information available about how to live a greener lifestyle. So we’re digging into the wealth of knowledge being shared through blogs and media, journal articles and books. We also reach out to people actively investigating how to live greener, such as researchers, producers and community members.

Live a healthier, happier and greener life for us and the planet

We believe that living a greener life includes being healthy, happy and balanced individuals, and making choices that reduce our impact on the planet.

grünr living explores what it means and looks like to be greener in our homes and nature, and through our lifestyles, personal wellness, and what we eat and drink. We’re curious about a wide range of topics related to how to live a greener life.

gruenr living explores how to live a healthier and greener life, through lifestyle, home, nature, wellness and eat & drink topics.

We’re joining you on this journey.

grünr living is the brain child of Amy & Viktor, a pair of inquisitive minds living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Amy believes that the better we take care of our personal health and wellbeing, the more energy we can contribute to building more resilient communities and a healthier planet. She’s excited to share knowledge, stories and experiences through grünr living that can help people in their personal journeys to create a healthier, greener life and a sustainable long-term future for the planet.

Vik is passionate about finding sustainable solutions to complex issues. He loves nature and is driven to live in harmony with it. But he’s also intrigued by technological advancements and innovation. Vik is driven to make grünr living a living resource. Not a platform preaching about the need to adopt a greener lifestyle, but a tool to help you do it. 

Every little bit counts

Every small contribution toward creating a greener future counts—whether it’s becoming more aware of alternative ways of living or choosing to use products with less chemicals. The path to a sustainable long-term future for us and the planet includes making incremental changes and taking small actions every day. If everyone made healthier, greener choices, image how those positive changes would be amplified a cross families, neighbourhoods, cities, territories and countries. Working together, our small choices and actions can have large scale impacts to create a healthier, greener and more sustainable future for all.

If you find our site interesting or useful, please spread the message by sharing it with others! Thank you:)

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