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What’s grünr living all about?

by sahodd85

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grünr living is a platform for exploring how to live in a healthier, happier and greener way that’s in balance with the environment. It was born out of conversations about our changing planet, and a desire to look at how we can reduce the negative impacts of the choices we make in our daily lives.

Making better choices sounds complex. It feels like we take two steps forward, just to go one step backward—even our best attempt to live a greener lifestyle can have unforeseen consequences. (Any fans of The Good Place here?)

Eco guilt is real and anxiety is rising. So how can we be part of the solution? What is our individual responsibility for creating a more sustainable long-term future for all living things and the planet?  How can we lighten our impact on the planet and still live a “good life”?

We’re exploring these types of questions through grünr living.


How do you live “grünr”? (That’s German for “green-r”!)

Every day we make choices that impact our health and wellbeing, the resilience of our communities and the health of the planet at large. Through grünr living, we’re exploring how individual people can help create a more sustainable long-term future for the planet by taking small actions every day. We define this as greener living—making intentional decisions one day at a time to live life in a way that’s healthy for us and the planet.

To us, living grünr is being:

  • Informed: Keeping up to date on the latest research and examples of how people are living greener
  • Intentional: Making conscious decisions about what we buy, do, eat, drink, etc.;
  • Sustainable: Making choices that consider future generations’ ability to meet their own needs;
  • Healthy, well and positive: Doing what we can to support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of ourselves and others;
  • Ecologically minded: Making small steps to live more harmoniously with our environment.


Start where you are and do what you can

You can’t do it all, and perfection isn’t possible. But, you can start where you are and do what you can. You don’t have to radically shift your entire lifestyle tomorrow to live healthier and greener today.

Every small contribution counts; the path to sustainable long-term change is incremental. If each person makes intentional choices to live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles one day at a time, collectively we can create a more sustainable long-term future for us and the planet.


Our approach to this site

We love learning and digging deeper into the complex topic of how to live a greener lifestyle. Some of the topics we’ll be exploring look at how to be greener in our homes and nature, and through our lifestyles, personal wellness, and what we eat and drink. Other posts will focus on how to be a conscious consumer, community resilience, sustainable food products and renewable energy.

There’s a lot of information out there about how to live a healthier and greener lifestyle. So we’re searching through the wealth of knowledge shared through blogs and media, podcasts, journal articles and books. We also reach out to researchers, specialists, producers and community members to share knowledge and learn from their perspectives.

Acting as a filter, we transform our research into easy-to-understand information and simple, actionable strategies and alternatives that you can use in your daily life.


Who creates grünr living?

grünr living is the brain child of Amy & Vik, a pair of inquisitive minds.

Amy believes that the better we take care of our personal health and wellbeing, the more energy we can contribute to building more resilient communities and a healthier planet.

The importance of taking preventative action to improve health and wellbeing has been a major driver in her life. When she was a child, a death in the family prompted her parents to explore preventative health care. This was the start of Amy’s 20+ year exploration of strategies like alternative foods and diet, and modalities such as psychology, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage, reiki and more.

It’s commonly understood that preventative healthcare can help us live better, happier and longer lives in the future. So why don’t we apply that same logic to the health of the planet? Amy sees humans as interconnected with the earth and all living things, and is driven to explore ways that we can live in better harmony together.

She’s excited to share knowledge, stories and experiences through grünr living that can help people in their personal journeys to create a healthier, greener life and a sustainable long-term future for the planet.

Vik is passionate about finding sustainable solutions to complex issues. He loves nature and is driven to live in harmony with it. But he’s also intrigued by technological advancements and innovation.

For instance, are rockets and space travel bad for the environment? In some ways, they sure are. Every time a rocket launches and burns through its propellants, it contributes carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Does that mean we should stop sending rockets into space; maybe not. Their mission serves a longer term vision, and the valuable research data they collect helps us to better understand our own planet and humanity. Vik hopes and believes that new cutting edge technologies will enable us to go further and understand deeper. Creating more and better options for a healthy co-existence with nature, wildlife and our planet.

Vik is driven to explore these kinds of complex ideas and make grünr living a living resource. Not a platform preaching about the need to adopt a greener lifestyle, but a tool to help you do it. 


Together, we can be a little grünr every day

Thanks for joining us and reading our website! We look forward to sharing our passion how to live a greener lifestyle one blog post at a time. If you find our site interesting or useful, please spread the message by sharing it with others!

We hope you feel inspired to start where you are. And choose to use your daily choices to live in greater harmony with the environment.

Happy reading!

Amy & Vik


We want to create a safe space for exploring complex ideas and different perspectives. If you have questions about our content or an idea to add, we’re open to your feedback! Feel free to contact us by email. We’ll try to get back to you within a few days.

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